Barefoot in the Park

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A newlywed couple will put to the test the age old saying “opposites attract.” Straight-laced Paul and free-spirited Corrie couldn’t be any more different. After moving in together for the first time they discover that married life is not what they expected. While they adjust to living together they deal with a hovering mother-in-law and a loopy neighbor. The honeymoon is over and these two young adults have a lot to learn about one another.

Production team:

Producer: Rebecca Hughes

Director: Raychelle Dunn

Stage Manager: Sam Burgert

Technical Liaison: Maddie Lindsey

Publicist: Sydney Casey

Costume Designer: Jenna Hill


Corie Bratter: Amy Welch

Paul Bratter: Neelie Goewey

Victor Velasco: Rochelle Malter

Telephone Repair Man: Fatima Cadet Diaby

Delivery Man: Yvonne Wowk

Mrs. Banks (Corie’s Mother): Katja McBane


Photos of this production can be found: here