Propose a Show

Proposal Process

Any Project: Theatre member may propose a production by filling out a Show Proposal form (available below). This form is all-encompassing, and should be used for any production proposal regardless of its anticipated size or scope. Project: Theatre will put on up to four shows per semester, with budgets on a sliding scale from $0-$1000.

In order to propose a production, a member must:

  1. Attend a preliminary “How to Put on a P:T Show” guidelines workshop at our general meeting, to be held at least one week before proposals are due. Any members interested in proposing a show are required to attend this guidelines meeting. In addition, the attendance of at least three members of the “Big Four” of each potential production team is required.
  2.  Complete and submit a show proposal form by the given deadline. The form will include a section to select preferences for desired dates and locations for the show, based on a number of dates preselected by the PT board.. The Board will work with these requests and choose the most appropriate assignments for each potential production. Each production team must also provide a detailed preliminary budget breakdown on this form, as well as the names of any crew members signed on to the production. The “Big Four” positions must be filled at this point, and must commit to working on the show in that capacity if it is voted into production.
  3. Attend a private interview with the Project: Theatre board. Attendance of three out of the “Big Four” is required. During this time, each production team will pitch their show proposal to the P:T board in order to provide a better idea of its visions, level of preparation, and general expectations for its production. Following the interview process, the Project: Theatre board members will meet to discuss each presentation seen and to determine the feasibility of its production. The Board will then decide whether or not to approve the show for voting. This decision is based on a three-level scale known as the “Stoplight System.” A proposal will either be green-lighted (approved for voting), yellow-lighted (asked for resubmission following greater development/reworking), or red-lighted (denied voting status, but encouraged for resubmission for the following semester). If yellow-lighted, the production team must rework their pitch, completing any additional alterations with regard to the show proposal, prior to the predetermined date for resubmission. During this period of time, the team is encouraged to seek assistance and suggestions from the Project: Theatre board with regard to potential changes to their show proposal.There is no limit to the number of proposals that the Board can green-light per semester. Proposals approved for voting will be chosen based on their levels of readiness, including factors such as budget breakdown and coherent vision for production. Location and date will not be used as criteria to determine whether a show should move forward to voting. Approvals are granted objectively and will not be based on favoritism, partiality, class year, or any other outside factor.
  4. Voting occurs. Following the show proposal process, all of the green-lighted proposals will be submitted to a vote by the general membership of Project: Theatre. The ballot is anonymous and will include detailed descriptions of each proposed show. To complete the ballot, each member will be asked to select her top three choices in order of preference. The scoring of the ranking system will be as follows: first choice receives 3 points, second choice receives 2 points, and third choice receives 1 point. Once the voting period has closed, the four productions with the highest total point values will be selected for production the following semester.Results are tallied by the PT Secretary and monitored by the PT Ombudsperson to ensure impartiality and fairness.
  5. Following the voting, locations and dates will be negotiated. The PT board will use productions’ preferences, in conjunction with their descriptions of their artistic vision and perceived interest in the project by the membership, to assign productions dates and locations. For this reason, it is extremely important that when proposing, shows are as accurate as possible in listing their preferred dates and locations.
  6. Once approved, production teams are free to proceed with any next steps for their shows!

An approximation of the following schedule will take place each semester. The proposal process will include:

  1. “How to Put on a P:T Show” guidelines meeting, which at least three out of four members of the “Big Four” must attend.
  2. Show proposals due on a rolling basis, with a final deadline one to two weeks after the general meeting.
  3. Interviews conducted at PT board meetings following the submission of proposal forms. Applicants will find out their stoplight system status within three days.
  4. Resubmissions and re-interviews for for yellow-lighted productions will take place. Applicants will be notified of their stoplight system status within three days.
  5. Voting is open to the general membership for at least three days.
  6. Shows are notified within three days, and results are then released to the general public.

If you were unable to attend the How to Put on a P:T Show meeting three of your Big Four members must complete this quiz: How to put on a P:T Show Quiz

Deadline for applications is: 20 November 2015

Fill out this google form to Propose a Show