Twelve Jurors. One Verdict.

Take Justice into your own hands in Project:
Theatre’s production of Twelve Angry Men this
semester. Join this innovative retelling of the 1954
teleplay that helped legitimize the term “reasonable
doubt” as twelve radically different characters
struggle to balance their prejudices with their civic
responsibility, and see how a shred of doubt can
make all the difference.

How far can you tip the scales of Justice?


Judge / Guard: Rachel Bernstein

Juror #1 (Foreman): Samantha Miorin

Juror #2: Neelie Goewey

Juror #3: Olivia Griffin

Juror #4: Geena Molinaro

Juror #5: Rachael Smith

Juror #6: Emily Kammerlohr

Juror #7: Sophie Hadingham

Juror #8: Bailly Morse

Juror #9: Cade Friedenbach

Juror #10: Julia Spector

Juror #11: Julia Corsetti

Juror #12: Beatriz Bolanos