One room.  No windows.  One door, locked from the outside.  And the two people you hate most in the world…for all eternity.  Welcome to philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s version of hell in his famous play, “No Exit”.  Written after leaving the French army toward the end of World War II, Sartre’s existential masterpiece is timeless and universal.  An intimate staging will draw the audience into this dramatic world wherein the most effective damnation is a unique combination of personalities that drives them all to the very brink of insanity.  ”Hell is other people,” one character says.  Agree or disagree?



Friday March 8th        8pm

Saturday March 9th    2pm and 8pm

Location: Cassani Lounge


Producer: Marty Whitney
Director: Grace Hudkins
Assistant Director: Izzy Bisese
Stage Manager: Sarah Flagg
Technical Liaison: Caitlin O’Connor
Assistant Technical Liaison: Maddie Lindsey

Publicist: Liv Johnson
Costume Designer: Anna Rose Keefe
Assistant Costume Designer/Wardrobe Mistress: Eliza Baxter
Sound Designer: Caden Friedenbach

Valet: Caroline Hirsch
Garcin: Katie DeMarse
Inez: Cara Cantwell
Estelle: Elena Eimert