William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Ghosts and gravediggers and masks both metaphorical and corporeal, plots to kill a king, calculated madness, and nearly everyone dies. So runs one of the great tragic masterpieces of Ol’ Billy Shakes. In Hamlet, the world is an arena, life is a spectacle, a performance, and the players of the Danish Court are running a deadly game that will culminate in one of Shakespeare’s most renowned endings. But who really knows they are playing? Hamlet is part of a dangerous dance; he is a solitary piece in a chaotic game of false loyalties, ill-fated love, and secrets spun out of control. Throughout the play, he wrestles with the complexities of being and muses on what it means to live, to die, to breathe, to love, to escape, to be human as all around him, everything is fracturing. He is walking through a deteriorating carnivale, one whose occupants are desperately trying to maintain a semblance of order and authority as their tangled live collapse around them. The game is set, the stage awaits.

Performances Thursday November 29th at 8pm and Friday November 30th at 4:30pm and 9pm in Chapin Auditorium.





Directed by Dylan Young
Stage Manager: Erin Syring
Producer: Maxana Weiss
Technical Liaison: Jessie Freese