Co-Chair: Samantha Doolittle ’14

Sam is a senior Theatre and English double major from Massachusetts who is so excited to be this year’s Co-Chair (and to get to spend so much time with her gorgeous Co-Chair Samantha Miorin)! Her passionate love affair with Project: Theatre began her very first semester at Mount Holyoke and consequently blossomed into a torrid romance during which she spent two years as Project: Theatre’s Secretary, sending out a questionably large number of e-mails to the membership. Currently writing a senior thesis about African-American race performativity in contemporary American theatre, she also delights in taking to the stage and has performed in over ten productions through both P:T and the Theatre Arts Department. When she’s not busy talking loudly with her hands, making frighteningly ugly faces, or devouring copious amounts of poetry, she can be found eating embarrassingly large amounts of gummy bears. She also has an unhealthy obsession with cat videos, Law and Order: SVU, and Shania Twain.



Co-Chair: Samantha Miorin ’14

Samantha (Sammio) is a senior Forensic Biology special major and Theatre Arts minor from Wynantskill, NY. She has been involved in Project: Theatre since her first year at Mount Holyoke. She has participated in nine P:T shows as an actor, assistant director, and director/whatever stuff still needs to get done-er. Last year, she served as the Public Relations Coordinator  for the Board, and is now Co-Chair with the lovely Sam Doolittle. In her time not devoted to theatre, she is an administrative student worker for the Office of Admission, a tour guide, a member of MHC’s Pre-Medical Association.  She enjoys watching movies and ALL of their terrible sequels (e.g. Step Up), cowboys, and cheez-its.



Secretary: Andi Goodman ’14


Andi Goodman is a senior Biology and Politics double major from Westport, Connecticut. She has been involved with Project: Theatre since her first year. She has been involved in eight PT shows as an actor, producer, and assistant director. She has also served on the board since sophomore year as public relations coordinator and then as secretary, minus a semester spent gallivanting in Scotland. She is back to be secretary again, which means that you will be getting lots of emails (and animal videos) from her throughout the year, all day every day. When not slaving over a PT show, she is probably in rehearsals for the Nice Shoes or Vocal Jazz, working on her thesis on butterfly scales, working as a lab TA, or sitting in her carrel pretending to get work done (but actually on Tumblr). Or sleeping, if she’s lucky. But probably not.


Ombudsperson: Olivia Cucco ’14


Olivia is a Neuroscience and Behavior major from Barrington, IL.  She has been involved in many Project: Theatre shows since her sophomore year in the roles of actor, stage manager, and assistant stage manager.  Outside of Project: Theatre, Olivia is an avid baker, ballroom dancer, and event planner.  She also loves to watch a ridiculous amount of TV shows and read good books.






Public Relations: Surayya Masood ’16


Surayya is a sophomore from Pakistan and is hoping to major in Economics and minor in Anthropology – still undecided! This is her first year being involved with Project: Theatre and is so thrilled to be a part of the board. She became involved with P:T by chance, as the publicist for ‘Rumors’ and hopes to continue being a part of this wonderful team. Outside of P:T, she spends most of her time filling up sketchbooks with artwork, watching New Girl, or can be found spending unhealthy amounts of time in the Blanchard Great Room.




Media Coordinator: Maxana Weiss ’14


Maxana is a Senior Neuroscience and Behavior major from Croton-on-Hudson, NY. She has been working with Project: Theatre since her first semester and has since been a stage manager, assistant stage manager and producer on six PT shows. Outside of theater she is a huge fan of The Newsroom, enjoys traveling and showing cows as well as dance, soccer, and cuddling up with a good book and her kittens while drinking tea.


Theatre Departement Liaison: Catia Cunha ’14



Catia (Arky) is a senior Theater Arts and English major. She is a playwright whose work is about her worst fears and outer space. She quite enjoys breaded eggplant and camping out under her bed. One day she intends to write a musical about a grocery store and a play about a  lesbian sea-monster romance.



Locations Coordinator:

Erin Murphy ’15

Erin Murphy is a junior theatre major/film minor from Tewksbury, Massachusetts. She has been involved in at least 6 Project: Theatre productions since her first semester at Mount Holyoke, though she has lost count of how many exactly she’s done. She is excited to serve the P:T community as this year’s Locations Coordinator. Her particular interests are in technical direction and stage management, film production, technical design, and anything involving lighting. When not in the theater, Erin likes reading, writing, and watching Spongebob Squarepants with her teenaged brother.



Treasurer: Liz Baker ’14


Liz is a Film Production major from Orlando, Florida. Somehow, completely on accident, she fell into Project Theatre during her first semester at Mount Holyoke and hasn’t been able to get out since (Someone, get help). She is entirely too enthusiastic about many things, but mostly Project: Theatre. Liz is thrilled this year to spread that enthusiasm as much as she can as P:T’s Treasurer. Her life outside P:T includes running on the varsity cross country team, filmmaking, reading things she does not have time to, and dancing like no one’s watching. She is still in love with Renaldo the fox and simply does not understand why others don’t feel the same.


Alex Slucky ’16


Alex is a Politics Major and Ancient Studies Minor from San Francisco, California. She found Project: Theatre as a confused and lost Spring Admit on a cold winter’s night in January and its been match made in over scheduled heaven. Now as a sophomore, she has been in two plays with Project theatre and is currently Assistant Directing the Vagina Monologues. When she is not running all over campus (usually for PT), you can find her in Kendall, Raos, or bothering the Classics Department. When she is not working with Project Theatre, she is a leader with the Outing Club, in the Pre-Law Association, or Lifeguarding. Her activities outside of acting include; skiing, clowning, the occasional world domination plan, dance, attempting to master the French Language, and singing 80′s music.