Any Project: Theatre member may propose a general event to be hosted by the organization by filling out a General Event Proposal form. General events cover everything but show productions, and require only a single “responsible party” in order to be proposed. Examples include staged readings or workshops of plays, acting or technical workshops, invited guest lecturers, and group trips to see productions off-campus. Any member wishing to propose a general event will also be expected to provide an estimated budget of between $0-$500 on the proposal form.

There is no deadline for general event proposals; proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and will be called for interviews accordingly. The Project: Theatre board will make its decisions about individual general event proposals based on the state of the organization’s budget as evaluated by the treasurer as well as the level of readiness or feasibility of the proposal as described above. All decisions are objective. The Board also reserves the right to “roll” a proposed event over to the following semester, with the consent of the proposer.


A copy of the General Event Proposal form is available below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.