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Project: Theatre presents a Victorian adaptation of this classic Shakespearean play. Four mismatched lovers lost in a forest, a band of would-be actors rehearsing a play, and two factions of mischievous fairies come together one midsummer’s night to create the ideal romantic comedy. A series of mishaps, magic potions, mistaken identities, declarations of love, duels, catfights, and a lion are all that stand between the characters and their happy ending.

April 6th at 7:30pm
April 7th at 2pm and 7:30pm
Chapin Auditorium


Elena Eimert – Cobweb/2
Natalie Cronin – Peaseblossom/1
Libby Crowe – Helena
Catia Cunha – Oberon
Kate Farley – Fairy/Moth/3
Andi Goodman – Snug/Lion
Lu Hale – Snout/Wall
Maggie Jacobi – Titania
Emily Kammerlohr – Philostrate
Margaret Kelley – Hermia
Alena McNamara – Egeus
Bailly Morse – Demetrius
Camila Mugnani – Bottom/Pyramus
Kate Potter – Starveling/Moon
Madeleine Robinson – Quince/Prologue
Rachael Smith – Hippolyta
Caitlin Utter – Theseus
Olivia Walsh – Lysander
Lauren Weiss – Flute/Thisbe
Zoe Weizenbaum – Puck
Sarah Wheatley – Mustardseed/4


Kiri Bryant – Producer
Rachel Czwartacky – Director
Marty Whitney – Assistant Director
Grace Hudkins – Stage Manager

Olivia Cucco – Assistant Stage Manager
Emma Walters – Assistant Stage Manager
Liz Baker – Technical Liaison
Anna Driftmier – Set Designer

Rachael Berman – Assistant Set Designer
Siri Rosendahl – Assistant Set Designer
Anna Rose Keefe – Costume Designer
Caitlin O’Connor – Lighting Designer

Jamie Pearson – Sound Designer
Solveig Mellem – Movement Coordinator
Amanda Bistolfo – Music Consultant
Sidney Smith – Wardrobe Supervisor
Kathryn Meyer – Makeup Assistant

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