February 11th and 12th, Chapin Auditorium

Production Team

Director: Grace Hudkins
Assistant Director: Nimisha Bhat
Stage Manager: Erin Syring
Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Sumi
Technical Liaison: Thea Wigglesworth
Lighting Designer: Caitlin O’Connor
Costume Designer: Anna Rose Keefe
Publicist: Steph Coulombre

Narrators — Allyson Schmidt, Andi Goodman, Sophie Hadingham, Jojo Huynh, Nerissa Sturrup, Natalie Cronin
Hair — Amanda Bistolfo
The Flood — Miriam Cantor-Stone
The Vagina Workshop — Lizzie McManus
Because He Liked To Look At It — Sam Doolittle
Say It — Kate Potter, Lucie Castaldo, Serah Lukoff
My Angry Vagina — Sealia Theveneau
My Vagina Was My Village — Lindsey Gander, Greer Gibbens
They Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy…Or So They Tried — Liani Beatriz
Bolanos, Gabriella Christian, Kaley Ahmann, Kate Rydell, Lindsay Steadman The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could — Connie Ward, Crystal Reed, Olivia Griffin
Under The Burqa — Anna Muench, Marty Whitney, Srishti Kashyap
Reclaiming Cunt — Caitlin Utter
The Woman Who Liked To Make Vaginas Happy — Sara Todd
I Was There In The Room — Libby Crowe
Spotlight Monologue — Kate Farley